Mirabai Goes For TV

Tango Express, February, 2012

While we’re on the topic of brave tango dancers, consider Mirabai Deranja’s quest. The Bay Area tanguera teacher, and performer set her sights high—on the TV show, “So You Think You Dance.” She enlisted the help of tanguero Diego Lanau, to help her, showcasing her skill and talent for the audition on February 22 in Salt Lake City. They won’t know the results-whether Mirabai advances to the next stage in Las Vegas until Saturday, February 25.

If you were lucky you would have caught Mirabai and Diego’s performance at one of the local Bay Area milongas where they practiced their routine before some of the toughest judges in the tango world. They performed two numbers, a salon style tango to Canaro’s La Poema and a riveting stage, or fantasía tango to Pugliese’s La Cachila. If you missed them, watch them here on YouTube.

Mirabai says that in addition to proving her excellence in  tango, she will need to also show that she can dance many other dance forms, including foxtrot, disco, break dancing, quickstep, jive, swing (whew), and all those dances that tangueros forsake once tango enters their lives.

In case you are wondering, Diego is not actually auditioning for the show. He is helping Mirabai audition. “He’s been awesome,” she says, “giving me a helping hand with this.”

Once she gets the desired call back, it’s lots of rigorous work from there on. Our fingers and toes are all crossed that she gets that call back this Saturday.  For more about Mirabai or Diego, check out their websites: www.miratango.com or www.diegolanau.com

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